One-on-one sessions geared towards:



In every sport a coach can either be found on the sidelines or behind the scenes.  A tremendous amount of physical preparation is required in athletics, but there is no underestimating the mental challenge and preparation required as well. Coaching off the field between games is just as important as game day, (if not more so). I’ve always had a passion for playing sports and living an active lifestyle, and have experience working with college athletes as a team tutor, career coach and mentor.


Leadership looks different to everyone. You may be at a self-leadership level, working on improving yourself and work performance, leading a team of others, or even leading an organization and entire function. I work with a variety of leaders ranging from professionals in manufacturing, nursing, teaching, tech, retail and non profits. I coach leaders in various functions and at varying stages within their careers. 


According Jean Twenge, a social psychologist at San Diego State University and author of 'Generation Me', anxiety among millennials is at an 80 year high! I frequently mentor and coach millennials transitioning to the workforce, or navigating a change in career path. Given my background in HR, this is an area that I specialize in and really enjoy. We are all in transition at various stages of life and it is often helpful to have a thought partner during these exciting times of change.

Coaching sessions can be completed in person, via video or by phone.


Once you schedule a sample session with me we will speak for 20-30 minutes and conduct a brief coaching session on the topic of your choice, free of charge, for us to see if we would like to continue working together. Contracts are a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 9 months.