Jason York, Project Manager, Chicago, IL

“I came to Katie for coaching because I was at a point in my career where I knew I needed to start to take the next step, but wasn’t sure on how to begin that. There was one topic that I wanted to work on and not anything else that I had considered. After a sample session and then going through a kick off with Katie, we were able to work on areas of my life – personally and professionally – that led to pleasant improvements. A lot of the actions I took that led to the improvements weren’t difficult, but I don’t think I would have done them if it weren’t for her.”

“She is a great listener and is able to gain insight and make suggestions beyond solutions that I thought of during our sessions. The benefit that I gained from working with her after just nine months is I can take a step back and consider the questions she would ask and how to approach my life differently. And the one topic that I sought to work on with her ended up being praised by my boss in my performance review! Coaching was a lot more of me doing the talking and the thinking and having Katie be an objective person who is invested in my well-being and following through on what I wanted. If you’re unsure how the experience is, give it a try and you will probably enjoy it!”